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People are worth the investment.

We support employers throughout the employee life-cycle – beginning with identifying, selecting and on-boarding the right people, to developing their leadership skills, to exiting the organization.


Outplacement to help transition any part of your workforce, globally, even one at a time.


Search and apply for thousands of jobs in a wide range of industries. Set up alerts to remain up to date with with newest job postings in your field!

Leadership Development

Leadership Development to help you maximize the great talent you already have.

Career Transition

Learn more about how our career transition programs can help you be more successful in attaining your next position.

Executive Search

Executive Search to help you find the right talent quickly.

About Career Development Partners

Discover the values of Career Development Partners and meet the team!

Career Development Partners is an equity owner of Career Partners International.


Career Partners International

Career Partners International (CPI) is the world’s largest and most successful global talent management consultancy. With a global footprint of more than 270 offices in over 45 countries, we provide best-in-class talent management solutions that drive organizational performance whether your need is local or global! Career Development Partners is the only CPI partner for Oklahoma and Arkansas. All Partners are equity owners of Career Partners International.


Career Development Partners works with our participants to greatly reduce their search time and help them land faster and in a position and salary that is equal to or greater than the current position.




Land a New Position in 4 Months or Less



“I want to thank you and let you know how much you helped me through the transition. Our meetings helped keep me positive and focused on what needed to happen next in my job search. Thanks again…” 


“Travis really was helpful in making me take a new approach to my resume and how I handle interviews. it was great to have someone to bounce questions off and help me have a clear vision of what i wanted. I’m thrilled with my new position and what i was able to negotiate in my accepted offer.” 


“I started at CDP the day after the RIF happened.  I felt the best thing to do was to get back and start that.  CDP provided a place for me to come to and interact with people which was very important.  I closed my search in within 60 days of the RIF.  I feel CDP helped me be more professional in my presentation.  The job I landed was equal to what I had here in Tulsa so I’m very comfortable.  Again, a lot of work, but a lot of support.” 


“Great program and tools to use for moving forward. I feel the section on my exit statement helped me get over my anger towards my previous employer. Thank you” 



“I appreciate all that I gained from attending the workshops. It boosted my confidence and honed my skills to a degree that allowed me to move a little faster.” 


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