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What’s Your Greatest Weakness?

How to Handle Difficult Interview Questions: What's your greatest weakness? The best way to handle difficult interview questions is to prepare for them in advance.  Of course, you will never know every question that can come up, but you can know that many questions...

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Your Unique Selling Proposition

Your unique selling proposition is more important than ever in today’s competitive job market. You spend your entire life building your credentials and your reputation. You are also acquiring attributes that make you unique. It is the job seeker who best articulates...

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Unleash The Power of Change (Part II)

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable This gets back to the point that humans tend to resist change. There are certain ways that you can make yourself more open to changes. If you deliberately take steps to do things differently in your everyday life, you’ll find it...

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I Still Believe…In America

I Still Believe in American Exceptionalism Creating a business in America is still a great plan!  Much has been said about the state of business in the USA. Those most deeply embedded in US businesses are reliable sources of the true status of why the USA is still the...

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5 Steps To A Successful Job Search

Hard work does not guarantee success in your job search, but a lack of hard work will guarantee failure. A job search can be most frustrating when you are not getting the results you had anticipated. The following five Techniques work in today's competitive job...

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