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Rick Rigsby to Speak at OK Ethics Annual Awards

Rick Rigsby to Speak at OK Ethics Annual Awards

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (March 7, 2018) – “When audiences hear Rick Rigsby . . . they are never the same.” That opening line from Rigsby’s website might sound like empty bravado, but after reading some of the testimonials written by people who have heard him speak, you’ll realize it is anything but.

News Articles

5 Questions with Travis Jones, Career Development Partners 

Tulsa World Interview with Travis Jones. ~ Nov 9, 2012

News Article about Career Development Partners by the Tulsa World April 24 2015

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Speaking Engagements

Legacy Leaver? Or Loser?

July 6th, 2016

Career Development Partners’ CEO, Travis Jones, was the guest speaker for Focal Point on July 6th, 2016. His presentation implicated that we have a choice of who we will become. Will you be a ‘Legacy Leaver? Or Loser?’

Networking Events

OK Ethics Luncheon, Tips to not be Tricked

September 9, 2015