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Are You Listening?

“Can you hear me now?’ was the popular tag line in a commercial for a cell phone company. But the real question we should be asking in our everyday communications is “Are you listening?”

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The Poor Performers Matrix

Before I get into how to evaluate poor performers, let me start with how to avoid having a poor performer situation. Start by hiring the right people. Did you know that if you hire the wrong people nothing works.  None of your people strategies will work.   Training...

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The Importance of Your Voice

There are so many factors that play into creating your first impression when you meet new people. One of those factors that is not addressed enough is your voice. Conclusions can be drawn simply by the way you speak. Whether those assumptions are correct or not, it...

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The Pipeline to a Great Leadership Team

Great leadership needs a constant flow of strategically developed personal to keep it filled in almost every organization. A simple but effective thought process develops a leadership pipeline that lists all your employees and placing each employee in one of four groupings…

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Dealing with The Emotional Side of Job Search

Job search is often more difficult than people imagine. It takes longer than you originally thought - it's not quite as exciting as it was in the beginning - and before long, the process takes a toll on your psyche. This emotional wear and tear can, in turn, slow your...

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Using Boolean Search on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a phenomenal resource. Consider that you have access to 500 million professionals worldwide, business and thought leaders such as, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, me and you. Not only do you have access to them, they have access to you.   The good...

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