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Learn to Understand Interview-Speak

During your job search process, it's important that you verify what you are saying and also confirm your understanding of what is being said to you. This is especially important in the interview process. Below are some common phrases that may be misunderstood....

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Get a Grip on Your Ego

Get a grip on your ego – it’s a balancing act. Ego continues to make itself known to me in interesting ways as I dig deeper into the impact it has on our business and relationships.  I am reading the book Egonomics for this deep dig. “Ego is our silent partner—too...

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The Mental Side of Job Search

One of the greatest challenges of any job search is establishing and maintaining momentum regardless of results achieved. Your job search is a learning experience that will build character and teach you things about yourself you never knew. It’s often effective to...

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3.9% Unemployment Makes Finding Good Employees Extremely Hard

You put a lot of time and effort into attracting candidates, but how many apply? Probably not as many as you hoped.  And, after screening resumes and evaluating applications, how many actually qualify for the position? Is it time to examine your hiring process? Examine these 4 steps about how to do that!

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Difficult Interview Situations #2

There are a number of situations that come up during job interviews that require a bit of finesse to navigate. Especially given the power dynamics of job interviews. You may feel awkward trying to address these situations with the interviewer, however, not addressing...

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