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Awkward Interview Situations

There are a number of situations that come up during job interviews that require a bit of finesse to navigate. Especially given the power dynamics of job interviews. You may feel awkward trying to address these situations with the interviewer, however, not addressing...

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Break These Habits to be More Successful

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, or our most critical judges. We do things that sabotage our success. Not intentionally, of course. But if you take a close look, you might be surprised to discover you've picked up a few bad habits, practices and perspectives that...

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The Risky Business of Layoffs: Part 3

At the time a decision is made to reduce your workforce, all the way through to the re-engagement of your remaining employees, planning remains a critical and meaningful factor in the effort to mitigate the many risks associated with reductions in your staff at any...

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How to Write the Perfect Email Signature

When you’re using email to job search or network, it's important to include a professional email signature that has your contact information. This makes it easy for hiring managers and recruiters to get in touch with you. First, make sure that the email account you...

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6 Signs You Nailed Your Job Interview

If there’s one thing that drives people crazy when applying for jobs, it’s the uncertainty. Of course, you always want to get a job offer, but if recruiters give you prompt feedback on your application status—even if it’s negative—you can generally deal with it pretty...

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The Risky Business of Layoffs

During difficult economic times companies often have to do whatever they can to reduce and control costs, which typically includes reducing their workforce. Even in good economic conditions, reductions in the workforce remain a cost cutting strategy that many...

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A Prescription for Career Resilience

For most of the modern history of work, the employer-employee relationship was based on an unwritten “Psychological Contract.” The unwritten rule was that if you worked hard and put in your time, you would be rewarded with continuous employment. It was not uncommon...

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