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Should I Accept the First Offer?

If you rush into a job just to get a paycheck, you may find yourself in a position or company culture that does not match with your skills, values and temperament. You will likely end up unemployed again due to the mismatch.

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7½ Questions to Ask in an Interview

The Bad, Ugly and Good Congratulations on securing an interview!  That means your resume, networking and online job search efforts are paying off! An interview is a two-way street.  They are checking you out, but you are checking them out too.  Superior...

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Is it true that reading is like brain food?

Through talking with friends and colleagues, it seems that most haven’t read a book in the last year, which would lead one to conclude book-reading may be on a steady decline. Have you ever wondered why or why not?  Let’s look at why we should be reading books on a...

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