When you are being interviewed for a position, you are viewed as an expense. The hiring manager has multiple choices who to hire and is trying to determine which candidate will provide them with the quickest return on their investment. You cannot enter an interview expecting it to be a simple question and answer exercise.

Understand the complexities of the job for which you are interviewing then look back in your past work experience and identify your accomplishments and the impact they had on your employers. Then relate those accomplishments to the job you are seeking. You need to have this person SEE you in the job!  Stress all the skills, experience and positive personality traits that you bring to the table.

When you are asking questions, ask for clarification of what is most important to the hiring manager and focus on those areas.

Interviewing is two strangers meeting for the first time who hopefully click. When you arrive prepared, confident and skilled, you have greatly increased your chances of getting hired!

Rick ChristensenRick Christensen: Director, Career Transition Practice

Rick has been a career consultant for almost 30 years, serving a very broad-based and diverse clientele. His specialties include effective group facilitation, one-on-one coaching and consultation at all levels including senior executives.

Rick’s passion is coaching individuals through career transitions, developing career management strategies and in identifying and sharpening competencies to open doors to new opportunities. His efforts have assisted thousands of individuals achieve their full potential.

Contact Rick at: Rick@CareerDevelopmentPartners.com

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