When one is faced with a challenging situation the outcome is greatly influenced by the lens through which that obstacle is viewed.

Especially when one’s world is turned upside down by job loss, the lens which one views the loss can determine the outcome.

Consider three people faced with job loss and how they approach it:

1. How could they do that to me, I gave them the best years of my life and they discarded me.

2. I’ll never find a job, I… am too old, …don’t have a degree, …have the wrong experience, … am underqualified, …am overqualified, etc.

3. I have had a successful career to this point. I have skills, knowledge and a track record of getting things done. This is an opportunity to move my career forward.

You have an opportunity to choose which lens you view your situation. Of the three examples above only one is productive and will help you move forward. You can choose which path you take, it may not be easy to channel the anger (#1) or stop the self talk that you aren’t good enough (#2) to the more productive and positive #3.

Surround yourself with supporters who will give you honest feedback, will be encouragers, and will keep you accountable. These supporters will help you move forward so you don’t get stuck in place.

Choose to view your loss through the lens of opportunity.

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