Make the Right Choices! It is easy to blame your circumstances or outside sources as the reason for not finding a job. However, it’s the choices you make that have the greatest impact on your search.

  • Do you choose to only utilize job boards?
  • Do you choose to wait until the perfect opportunity becomes available?
  • Do you choose to only communicate by email?
  • Do you choose to use the same methods that are not working?
  • Do you choose to justify you lack of results?

These choices will add time to your job search.

There are many situations throughout your job search that are uncomfortable and somewhat defeating. It is important for you to realize that you have 100% control over the choices you make each day.

  • Choose to add people to your network daily.
  • Choose to use many different techniques to find a job.
  • Choose to only spend 10% of your time on job boards.
  • Choose to market yourself directly to hiring authorities.
  • Choose to spend 35-40 hours on your job search weekly.
  • Choose to schedule informational interviews.
  • Choose to set minimum result standards daily.

The choices you make not only impact your job search, they define the person you become! Starting today, only make choices that move your job search forward.


Rick ChristensenRick Christensen: Director, Career Transition Practice

Rick has been a career consultant for almost 30 years, serving a very broad-based and diverse clientele. His specialties include effective group facilitation, one-on-one coaching and consultation at all levels including senior executives.

Rick’s passion is coaching individuals through career transitions, developing career management strategies and in identifying and sharpening competencies to open doors to new opportunities. His efforts have assisted thousands of individuals achieve their full potential.

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