In America, we were founded to promote a level of freedom and liberty unlike anywhere else on earth. It seems that the more freedom people gain, the less we understand and appreciate true freedom and its long-term impact. We need each other, we need to exercise a commitment to the dignity and respect for all of mankind.

Each of us as humans has a past and a story of our journey through life. Listening to the stories of others gives us a greater degree of understanding of freedom. Mankind makes choices and some have resulted in great blessings and some in misery. The point is we choose to do the things we do, and it is important to choose well because what we do today does impact our tomorrows and our legacy.  Think about the impact of our freedom of choice and how it will impact not only our future but the future of others that are following our example. Your legacy is impacted because of the freedoms we choose. Don’t let your freedoms leave the wrong legacy.

Choose to fight for truth. Some may say that we cannot believe in absolute truth. In every generation throughout history there has been a battle for truth. As we think back on our freedom, we would not be where we are today if our forefathers had not fought for the truth they believed in when they founded America. They were willing to die for our freedom.

We too have a duty to resist attacks on the truth or the freedoms we enjoy will soon be gone.  One freedom we all have today that I love is the freedom to pray for our family, friends, leaders, citizens, country, neighbors, government etc. We have the freedom to talk to people about God and more importantly the awesome freedom to talk to God about people.

I hope this year as we think about our freedoms we think about how great it is to have the freedom we have to take our cares to God, for He cares for all of us.

Enjoy Celebrating Freedom  and dependence on July 4th in a refreshing perspective this year.

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