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How many jobs should I apply for each day?

I recently did a google search that started the with the phrase “how many” and google in its helpful way suggested “how many jobs should I apply for”.  So, of course,  I now had a burning need to know the answer  - how many jobs should I apply for.  Google told me I...

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Have a Tiger Woods Mentality

Whether it is Tiger Woods, LaBron James, Payton Manning or any other sports figure they never make 100% of their shots.  Tiger Woods shanks a ball into the woods (not often, but it happens), LaBron James throws an “air ball” (again, not often), Payton Manning...

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As one adds years to their career, it becomes more difficult to change jobs or be re-employed after a reduction. While challenging, it is not impossible. You have to be smart on how you conduct your search, here are eight missteps that older job seekers make.

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