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Is There a Better Way to Let Someone Go?

It is said that on the scale of most stressful life events, death of a spouse, divorce, and loss of one’s job are at the top of the list. Our well being actually recovers more rapidly from the death of a spouse than it does from a sustained period of unemployment.

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Lessons from my Honorary MBA

Having just given myself the Honorary MBA in January of 2019 I realized that being in business for myself is a most noble professional when I practice it well. The key is practicing it excellent in every area, but especially as it relates to the people that pass...

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Pad Your Resume in 2019

Make no mistake, I’m not suggesting that you “Pad” your resume with exaggerated or misleading (false) accomplishments but if, like many people, you’re hoping to enhance your job prospects in 2019, then strengthening your resume should be at the top of your New Year’s...

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How Did She Land so Fast?

Have you ever wondered why it seems some people land new jobs quickly and others struggle for months without landing a great job. Both people have terrific resumes, great skills, good GPAs, advanced degrees, and excellent references. So why does one get hired so...

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Make Your Organization Thrive from the Inside!!

MAKE YOUR ORGANIZATION THRIVE FROM THE INSIDE! by Travis Jones, CEO and President at Career Development Partners As we move rapidly into the new year, my executive coach, Mike Todd with Learning Unlimited has challenged me to reread the book, The Advantage by Patrick...

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Why is this Position Open?

You might wonder whether it's appropriate to ask why a position is open during an interview. Not only is it appropriate—it's critical to ensuring the position is a good fit. Remember: the interview is a two-sided conversation If you're hesitant to ask why a position...

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