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Career Development Partners coaches participants through their Career Transition.

If your company has provided Career Transition or Outplacement assistance with Career Development Partners, the opportunities are endless. Discover how we can help you with your resume, job search, interviewing and more.

The average length of unemployment is 26-31 weeks (6-7.5 months)!

Career Development Partners works with you to greatly reduce your search time and help you land faster and in a position and salary that is equal to or greater than your current position.

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Career Transition Services

Custom Designed for You

Our Career Transition Service is tailored to your situation. You may choose one or more of the following paths as determined by your needs and your career interests. Each path begins with an assessment of your underlying career and lifestyle needs, work history, and exploration of your options. We are available to assist with all aspects of your career journey, regardless of the path you choose.



Research & Strategy

  • Development of strategic position & marketing tactics
  • Creation of detailed job search plan
  • Company research
  • Development of high impact self-marketing materials including resume, and cover letters
  • Networking and interview coaching


  • Continuous review and coaching on job search plan
  • Strategies to negotiate offers
  • Advice on closing search and transitioning into new work environment

Self Employment

Research & Strategy

  • Assessment of “fit” for entrepreneurial ventures
  • Development of steps and techniques for starting a business venture
  • Evaluation of business concept and market research
  • Development of solid business plan and marketing materials


  • Ongoing interaction with self-employment advisor
  • Continued analysis of customer base, sales/marketing tactics and operations
  • Initiate go-to-market plan


Research & Strategy

  • Completion of assessment to review lifestyle preferences and retirement readiness in key life arenas
  • Consideration of impact of retirement on others, including spouse/partner, children, friends, other relatives, and more


  • Implementation of immediate steps toward retirement
  • Continued assessment, evaluation, and implementation of additional steps to be taken

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Tips from the Experts!

Career Development Partners has some of the greatest career transition coaches! Check out these videos from our experts on tips for resumes, job search strategies, LinkedIn, Interviewing and more!

Debra Arntsen, Executive Coach with Career Development Partners, offers Job Search Strategy Advice from her vast knowledge.

Debra Arntsen, Executive Coach with Career Development Partners, offers Interviewing Advice from her vast knowledge.

Career Transition Sessions

Career Transition participants are given access to a variety of tools and assistance. Click through the tabs below to learn about each of our sessions, programs, and benefits.

During the orientation, you meet your coach, learn about who we are, and are introduced to the many tools, guidelines and portals that we provide. Bring your resume and let us get you started on the first step of finding your new position.

During Career Assessments the coach spends time discussing what you have accomplished and where you want to go from here. What are your goals? How well do you know yourself?

Do you know how to custom fit your resume for that dream job? Attend the Resume Development Session and you will learn the secrets of how to turn a good resume into a great resume!

Just as companies create brands, you must learn how to brand yourself. Determine what you have that makes you stand above the other candidates. Furthermore, develop a target list; who do you want to go to work for and how do you get in the door? We will coach you to learn how to market yourself.

Not all positions are posted online, so how do you locate the one you want? By using research and technology. Let our experienced coaches guide you through the process of identifying positions that fit your talents and goals.

Don’t forget about professional social networking either. Learn how to develop your LinkedIn page so that it is a resume that speaks for you!

You’ve acquired an interview! …now don’t panic. Our coaches will discuss great tips that will help you feel and LOOK more confident when you walk through that door.

Once you’ve made it past the interviewing process and an offer has been made, how do you go about handling negotiations? Effective negotiation is a learned skill. Let us help you enhance your interview and negotiating skills.

Preparing for interviews can be daunting. Through our Career Transition Program you are given the chance to train with an expert interviewing coach to work out your pre-interview jitters. Our coaches will tailor your mock interview to the type of job you are applying for. With years of experience, they will test you with the difficult questions and guide you through the best answer philosophies to make sure you are fully prepared. Ask how you can set up your mock interview today.

Work one-on-one with your coach to fine tune and polish your resume.

Our on-site recruiters deliver access to a network of opportunities, many of which are not posted on public job boards. Share your resume with up to 1500+ Executive Headhunters throughout the United States, review your resume for search engine optimization and schedule a one-on-one mock interview with your designated career coach.

Do you need a quiet space to work towards finding your job? Our program will provide you the necessary space you desire. A fully equipped computer with Microsoft and Internet are available at your request. We even have a fax machine you can use!
Sometimes we need that little extra assistance and talking with a coach one-on-one is the best way. Don’t be afraid to ask us! Our expert coaches are invested in you and are here to give you support during your search! Contact Us to set up time with a One-on-One coach today.

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Career Development Partners is here to assist you with your Career Transition.