Leadership Development

To help you maximize the great talent you already have!


Developing talent does not happen by accident. Employers hire Career Development Partners to coach talented, contributing team members in order to maximize their greatest resources.

Individual Coaching

The relationship between the coach and the participant is built on a foundation of trust and requires a good personality match. Career Development Partners seeks to match the coach and the participant.

Executive Coaching

Could consist of a brief meeting to bounce ideas, or an in-depth dive to address an area of development which may include a 360-degree assessment. What challenge is holding back your key leaders?

Key Contributor

Perhaps a star performer has one area that continues to hold them back and with the help of a coach, they could achieve their full potential.

Performance Management

Helping a challenged employee turn around can be a worthwhile investment, it demonstrates your commitment to contributing to a leader’s success.

New Leader Assimilation

Short version – Newly promoted leaders face special challenges. Coaching can provide support to a senior leader moving into a new position to ensure a smooth transition. Longer version – Executives who take on a new position, whether promoted from within or hired from outside, are finding that the honeymoon is over quickly these days. Expectations are on the rise while the window for achieving results is narrowing. Assimilation coaching is one of the most effective means of compressing the learning curve and enhancing the probability of success for those taking on new roles.

Group Coaching

Manager As Coach Learning Series – MACLS is a program designed to help an organization build a coaching culture. The key outcome is to build a sustainable coaching culture that encourages managers to coach each other. The delivery method of a learning series, delivering content over a period of time, instead of a concentrated short term training has proven to help team members continue coaching.

Create Your Career GPS – Employee engagement is top of mind for many organizations. This workshop helps employees align their career goals with the organizations strategic objectives. Increased awareness for self-development is a key outcome for participants. Continuous learning is another feature that is key to organizational success.

To Maximize Your Greatest Resources

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