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In a world of commodity resume brokers, Career Development Partners has stepped out of the crowd to become a National Leader and true Partner to help you fill your strategic positions.

When we present a candidate, you can expect a match. 

When it comes to building your team, we step out of the crowd and bring a personal touch back to recruiting. 

We have built a world class network of specialized recruiters to partner with you on your hiring projects.

Here are a few facts that make us different:

  • We have been in business since 1988
  • We have extraordinary resources available to locate and secure hard to find candidates.
  • We have developed a sophisticated Website that is pulling in over 100 new candidates a day.
  • We are networked with many large Search firms across the U.S.  We share our pool of talent with each other creating more than a 2MM top tier passive candidates.  Most of these candidates are currently employed and do not post their resume on Job Boards.
  • We work hard to partner with you in understanding exactly what you are looking for, presenting candidates who not only match the required skills, but also the cultural fit of your organization.
  • We provide a customized questionnaire (filled out by the candidate), addressing your key requirements for success in the position.  We believe this step in our process will give you more Job specific information than a typical resume.
  • Our Recruiting Professionals qualify each candidate based on these 5S’s… Stability, Skills, Success, Social/culture and Salary range.  They provide you with information you need in order to secure the best candidate for your position.
  • We check references
  • We provide recorded webcam interviews of candidates.  This will save you the time and expense of flying in the wrong candidate.

Have a temporary position? 

Contract Staffing with Career Development Partners

  • You find a specific job at a company for your next assignment.
  • You use the calculator to determine your Pay Rate and the Bill Rate to the company.
  • You select us to be your legal employer of record.
  • You submit a weekly time sheet to us.
  • You receive a weekly paycheck from us.
  • You have premium benefits options available from us.
  • We handle the taxes, insurance, benefits, worker’s compensation, and other payroll-related issues for you.
  • We collect from the company for your services.

How Contract Staffing Works

Contract staffing allows you to bring in professional-level employees for a specific length of time, for a specific project or “try before you buy”. Contracting frees you from all the administrative paperwork including taxes and workers’ compensation, payroll processing, unemployment liabilities, etc. Please contact us for individual pricing.

Mike Duke, CPC

Mike Duke, CPC

Recruiting Practice Leader - Tulsa Partner

Mike is a Certified Personnel Consultant and Recruiting Practice Leader for Career Development Partners.  Mike is a successful entrepreneur and people developer.  Prior to coming to Career Development Partners, Mike was the founder and President of Influencing Leadership, Inc.

Mike is an innovative talent management consultant recognized as a dynamic trainer, speaker and a dedicated leader who gets results.  For over twenty years Mike has been bringing positive change to corporate leaders in the areas of hiring, training, and developing people.

He says, “You can boil any business down to three basic strategies: Products, Profits and People. Out of these, the people strategy is the most important. If you don’t hire the right people, none of the other strategies will work.”

Email: mike@cdpartnersinc.com

Phone: (866)466-1162 ex. 219

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